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Carrying Your iPhone on Your Bike

I know, why would you want to? Well, bear with me for a minute and I’ll tell you. For me, it is all about the GPS enabled app RunKeeper that records the routes I’ve ridden and gives me feedback on the ride and my performance. (Totally off hand but have you seen the video “Performance, it’s the name of the game!” on YouTube. Hilarious!) Anyway, I needed a convenient way to carry the phone that would optimize the reception for the GPS and provide easy access if I needed the phone. For what it is worth, I don’t feel the need to actually look at the iPhone while I am riding or for that matter make or receive calls, but I like to pause the app when I am stopping for a while so the time spent riding is a bit more accurate. An Auto-Stop feature on RunKeeper would be great!

So, I did a much more extensive review on Carrying the iPhone on your Bike over at the Schlick Cycles website but in a nutshell here are the methods I tried:

Pocket – Poor reception, perspiration issues and potential for dropping the phone led me to a 0/5 rating.

Rear Trunk Bag – Good reception but not convenient plus I might forget it in the bag and have it get ripped off led me to a 2.5/5 rating.

Customized Water Bottle – Good reception, not too convenient, don’t accidently fill w/water and damage potential kept this idea to a 3/5 rating.

Runner’s Armband around the arm – Not a runner and don;t want to look like one, Good reception. Fine if it is your cup of tea. For me 3/5.

Runner’s Armband attached to the bike – Better on bikes like the Schlick Shark or a recumbent where you don’t have to worry about cables or hitting you knee on the thing. Good reception. 3.5/5

iBikePack – Could have been a 4.5/5 but, for me there were knee clearance issues and the strapping system allowed the bad to twist on the bike frame. Worked better on the Shark. For me 4/5
Banjo Brothers Top Tube Bag
– Wha Laa! This is for me. Nice and tidy, good reception secure straps, easy access = the whole enchilada! Top rating 5/5!

The Phone Holder on the Banjo Bros Commuter Backpack – Another big thumbs up for this one. The iPhone fits fine but I’d like to see a bit longer strap for this particular phone. Over all though the reception, accessibility and security are all top-notch. I don;t use the backpack on every ride but when I do this is the way to go. Another topper 5/5.

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