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Section 179 Tax Incentive Calculator for 2010

This is probably only interesting if you lease of finance machine tools but I thought it was cool how little Excel application for one of our clients.

Tech Financial is a machine tool finance company that needed the calculator to demonstrate the savings that the new tax incentives would bring and the amount of the deduction a company would be eligible for under the revised 2010 section 179 tax incentives. It is an Excel worksheet that will let you input numbers and see the result of the calculation using the data from the new version of the Section 179 code changes for 2010.

Section 179 Tax Incentive Calculator for 2010

Update On Jan Wilberg’s Website

I took a look at he site that we did for Jan Wilberg a few months ago and it still looks super! Jan has been great about updating her My Views section that is essentially her blog. She has gotten pretty comfortable with the WordPress admin area and will be getting more experience soon as we are doing another site Jan is involved with using WordPress as well. More when that site is ready.

jan wilberg website

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