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Website for Metallurgical Associates Failure Analysis and Testing

material testing engineerI’ve been working on a new website for the engineers are Metallurgical Associates, Inc. MAI is a testing lab that is set up to determine why mechanical parts fail and what can be done to prevent future failures.

After visiting the shop about a dozen times over the last few months I am gaining an appreciation for their failure testing and analysis methods. The work reminds me of being a detective but on a microscopic level. The fact that MAI investigates material failures in everything from beverage can “pop tops” to aircraft gas turbine blade failures means there is always a new challenge and new discoveries to be had.

While failure analysis is the core work the methods used vary but always seem to include some really cool equipment like their Scanning Electron Microscopes that can magnify to over 200,000X! Whoa!

Well, I hope the new site does well for MAI because I believe they are very good at what they do. If you are a manufacturer and need to know why a part or product failed you’ll find you answers at Metallurgical Associates.

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