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Recovering From Shoulder Surgery – Day 3

Slept about 7 hours in the couch cocoon. Sore, but not painful.

Woke up during the night with a jolt as I elbowed someone in a dream! Sling on though so no harm I hope.

Woke up about 6:30AM and did some bicep curls no weight! That’s supposed to help with elbow stiffness.

8 AM Sitting in CPM torture chair for the first of 3 hours split into 1 hour chunks!

Catching up on texts with the iPhone all left-handed while the robotic arm moved my right.

Kept yesterdays settings the same for AM up 2d and 1d for PM. 57/13

Did a load of wash

Removed Gauze from my shoulder and had a Shower!

Checked out the incisions…

Got out of the house w/Mark and Jeff to Oscar’s for Lunch. The Big Gringo is the bomb!

Read Bono interview in RS.

Watched Dr Strange w/Garrett and Wendy.

No #2 yet.

Iced for about 4 hours today w/30 minutes before each chair session.

Switched to the iPad Pro with a Logitech Create keyboard for this diary. Pretty good for one-handed typing and better for posting to WordPress as well as using Lightroom CC than the iPhone.

  • 3 x Excedrine throughout the day. Again, I’m experiencing soreness but no real pain.
  • 1 x 5mg Oxy IR at 11PM Before Bed

Tips I thought of today:

  • Button shirts are the way to go.
  • Airline pillow, the C-shaped version, works well for sleeping upright.
  • Find a comfy place to sleep upright.
  • Benchmark activities I have questions about that I should have asked/researched before but will now ask at the follow up appointment.
  • Physical Therapy post CPM chair

When can I expect to be able to do the following:


  • Working on a tabletop assembling/cooking
  • Pushing 50 pounds on wheels
  • Moving 20 pound boxes to shelves chest high
  • Then overhead
  • Riding bike
  • Push ups, pull ups etc.

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