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Shoulder Surgery Recovery – Day 2

No sleep again today. Just sort of nodded off a few times.

Nerve block finally wore off about 7PM or so.

Arm felt like a lump on the nerve block. No feeling except 3 little fingers. Tingled like pins and needles. I made the mistake of taking my arm out of the sling earlier today and it just flopped onto the bathroom counter. Couldn’t move it at all. Luckily it didn’t stress my shoulder. I put the sling back on! You’d want someone to help if you need the sling off before the nerve block wears off.

Now that the nerve block has worn off, it mostly feels like I took a good punch to the arm so far. Soreness, not stabbing pain.

Ice, ice, baby! I rotated the 3 Accu-Therm cold packs the hospital sent me home with all day. The packs stay flexible right out of the freezer but I’d go for 5 to keep a constant supply cold. They say the first 48-hours are the most important to help keep swelling down.

Dinner was beef and gravy from Sendick’s.

Watched several episodes of Tin Star with Tim Roth on Amazon Prime Video throughout the day. Good stuff and a super soundtrack. Also finished up Season 4 of Peaky Blinders. Looking forward to a season 5.

I began to write this diary on the iPhone today; one-handed, with my left hand (not my good side!). The computer keyboard on my MacBook Pro was too big.

In the CPM (Continuously Passive Movement) chair for 1:05 at 55/40 and 0/12. Felt a stretch last 5 degrees or so. Not horrible but hurt a bit more so I took a 5mg Oxy as prescribed about 11PM in hopes of getting some sleep tonight.

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