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Shoulder Surgery Recovery – Day 4

On the 4th day of Surgery Vacation, I woke up, I went downtown to look for a job, then I hung out in front of the drug store.

No, wait, what really happened was…

6:30AM – Woke up after about 6.5 hours sleep on the couch. That is working pretty well. I woke up once, maybe twice. Mouth is parched when I wake. Pain has not been an issue during sleep. Maybe owing to the Oxy before sleep?

7:30AM – Icing the shoulder before the chair session and took 2 x Excedrine in anticipation of the extended movement session. Again, arm sore but no pain, per se.

8AM – Sat in the CPM chair for 40 minutes while Wendy made breakfast. Kept range of motion the same as last night. Seems to be a good plan to do that and then add more range for the second session. Feeling a bit of stretch.

After breakfast I iced the shoulder for 30 minutes and hit the chair for another 40 minutes after adding more motion and am now at 61d/17d of motion on the upper and outer end of the chair movement. Shooting for 4 hours today. We will see how it goes.

Finally had a BM after I took some Miralax earlier. Stomach doesn’t feel all that good in general though. Not sure if it was the Miralax but my gut HURT for quite a while. Worse than the arm!

Napped for a couple of hours this afternoon.

4 PM – 1 x Excedrine, 30 minutes icing and 55 minutes in the chair.

Wendy went to a friends house tonight so I made an easy dinner for Garrett and I. Salisbury Steak (doctored up a bit), OreIda Crispers and mixed vegetables. Even that was a bit challenging with one hand although I gently used my right hand to position or stabilize items on the counter.

Been watching Electric Dreams on Amazon Prime. Stories from Philip K. Dick. Also started a bit of silliness that is The Grand Tour.

I am really liking the iPad Pro/Create Keyboard combo for writing, Lightroom CC, surfing and posting to via the WordPress iPad App, readings news via Apple News and Flipboard, checking my eBay auctions, emailing etc., all with my left hand only!

10 PM – 55 minutes in the chair. Total today 3 hours and 10 minutes.

11 PM – Icing post chair for 20 minutes.

Found that Frontier Season 2 is available on Netflix. Watched a bit of that.

11:30 PM – 5mg Oxy IR and sleep came pretty quick.

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