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Continuing Diary of my Shoulder Surgery Recovery – Day 5

7:30 AM – Another 7 hours sleep with no real complaints. Still sleeping semi-upright in my corner of the couch. Woke up a couple of times. Put Harry Henshaw’s Stargate on the Living Room Sonos. Good sleep/relax music.

8 AM – Back in the chair. 1 hour. Changed upper limits to 66d/20d with 15-minutes to go.

Took another shower. Noticed that bruising is more pronounced than a couple of days ago, especially along bicep. I know the bicep was detached at the top. Not sure what the exact repair was yet.

Watched S2E2 of Frontier on Netflix.

12:15 PM – Jeff picked me up to hit a couple of watering holes. Riding in a car is not that great. The jarring of the road rattles up through the bones!

Aja recommended Shameless for binge watching. It sounds like a show that will piss me off like Arrested Development does but I may give it a try.

6 PM – Chair action for 45 minutes before dinner.

10 PM – In the chair for 45 minutes. Total 2-1/2 hours CPM time. Feeling very tired tonight.

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