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More Words About my Shoulder Surgery Recovery – Day 6

7 AM – Breakfast

Felt twinge in my right shoulder when standing up and balancing as I got out of the couch cocoon. Have had a couple reflexive moments that work the arm before I can quell the instinct, reaching for something I’ve dropped, deflecting an errant bar mate and that’s is really the only pain I’ve felt so far.

8 AM – Chair 1 hour. Watched Letterman’s Obama interview. Ice post chair

Chair tip, ignore what the chair is doing the motion is passive, not active, so you don’t use your own muscles. Distractions like surfing on the phone help me ignore the machine.

The arm feels pretty good so it is a bit frustrating that I can’t use it. There are a lot of things that I’d like to be doing including working on my R/C planes, getting my shop organized, listing items on eBay and redoing my digital asset scheme.

I am glad that working and writing on the iPad is going well. Besides the diary of my Surgery Recovery, I’ve started several reviews.

I’ve been thinking about some new business directions. New websites and businesses.

Watched a couple of episodes of Longmire on Netflix. Was a pretty good show early on but seems like this season is rehashing old themes.

12 PM – in the chair for 15 minutes then changed settings to 70d

/22d for 45 more minutes.

Did some studying for the FAA Part 107 Exam that I will be taking in the next couple of weeks. Basically, when my arm lets me.

Did some light work in the home office. Organizing, hooking up a new RAID (NewerTech Guardian MAXimus mini) in anticipation of redoing my digital photo collection as well as other digital files.

7 PM – 1 hour in CPM chair. The rental model I have is called the OptiFlexS. Did 3 total hours.

10 PM – Hitting the sack. Still taking 1 x 5mg Oxy before sleep which seems to work well and lets me get 6-7 hours of solid sleep.

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