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Day 8 of Shoulder Surgery Recovery

6:30 AM – This might be starting to sound like a broken record but my recovery from the rotator cuff and bicep tendon surgery is somewhat monotonous in that certain things need to be done each day. So, here goes again!

Ate B-fast with Wendy and Garrett before they went off to school and then hit the CPM chair at 7:30. The first 30 minutes I caught up on news on the iPad and then watched a bit of Victoria on our PBS TV subscription. I’m trying to find a replacement for Poldark. Don’t think Victoria is it though. 1 – hour in the chair for the first session.

I plan to pick up an Apple Pencil today. I’ve got $50 in Apple Gift cards to help with that. I hope the 10.5” iPad Pro doesn’t pique my interest too much. I’ve been considering one as my current 9.7 Pro doesn’t have Cellular. Now that I’ve been using my iPad almost exclusively during this surgery recovery, I can see using one a lot more in place of my MacBook Pro. Ironic that portability and connectivity is not an issue right now as I am mostly at home but I am looking down the road and the iPad form factor is winning me over for content creation. Lightroom CC, WordPress for iPad as well as iOS 11 may finally be mature enough for production work.

Tomorrow is my first follow-up appointment at Dr. Ziegler’s office and I am looking forward to getting a better picture of what to expect for my recovery going forward.

I’m getting more work done on the consolidating of my digital asset collection today. I spent a couple of hours culling and exporting files from Aperture for import to Lightroom CC Classic.

I’ve got some stock photo ambitions after having several people find my photos on Flickr and using them for commercial applications that I got paid for. Yes, more please.

1:15 PM – 2nd Chair session today 79d/26d and feeling it some in the top of my shoulder.

8:30 PM – Chair session for another hour totaling 3 for the day.

Tired and not an eventful evening.

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