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On Going Posts About my Shoulder Surgery – Day 7

6:30 AM – Awake

7:45 AM – Iced shoulder for 15 minutes prior to CPM chair session

8 AM – 1-hour in the chair. Same range as last night.

10 AM – First time driving the van as I needed to get to the shop for a few things. I can tell that I won’t want to drive regularly yet.

11 AM – Investigating the feasibility of getting water service at the shop. I’ve still got to get a real darkroom going! Hope to know costs soon.

Noon – Chair session. Upped the range of motion to 75d/23d after 30-minutes and continued for a total of 1-hour.

Did some prep work on the main computer for the reorganizing of my digital photo library. Looks like 80,000+ images over 3 computers and several hard drives. Got some work ahead! Main goal is consolidation and getting rid of duplicates. Working with my right hand on the mouse still isn’t a great idea so the project is pretty slow moving.

8 PM – 1 hour in the chair. 3 hours total today.

9 PM – More work at the desk.

11 PM – Getting ready for bed. Iced the shoulder for about 30 minutes. Still taking 1 x 5mg Oxy before bed. Don’t remember taking any other meds today.

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