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Shoulder/Bicep Surgery Recovery – Day 9

6:30 AM – Exciting day! It’s February 1st! Well, that and I have my first follow up appointment with Dr. Ziegler, a week and a day after my rotator cuff and bicep tendon surgery, coming up in a bit. I am hoping for a good report as I have been doing the CPM chair 3+ hours a day, resting well, not in too much pain and have been using the meds sparingly.

7:30 AM – 45 minutes of chair time.

8:45 AM – heading to the doctor.

9:30 AM – So far, so good according to Dr. Ziegler. He gave me a couple of exercises to do. I already forgot one though. Recovery to some benchmark activities will be longer than I’d been thinking but we will just have to get ‘er done! Here are some of the activities that I asked about with some estimated times:

  • CPM chair use – Day 2 through 4 weeks. Dr. Ziegler suggested using the chair a bit differently than the generic program the charipist suggested. Basically, increase the range by session based on how my arm feels.
  • Active Physical Therapy – Week 4 through 3 Months
  • Typing/Desk work/Filing w/both hands – About 6 weeks
  • Working on a tabletop assembling/cooking – About 6 weeks
  • Pushing 50 pounds on wheels – 9-12 weeks
  • Moving 20 pound boxes to shelves chest high – 12 weeks?
  • Then overhead – 3 months+
  • Riding bike – About 3 months
  • Push ups pull ups etc. – About 3 months
  • As good as it will get – 6+ months

Noon – Sooo…I ended up getting a 10.5” iPad Pro today. The last week working almost exclusively the 9.7 Pro convinced me that my workflow going forward will be a lot more iPad-based. Knowing that, here are a few of my justifications for the new rig:

  • Bigger, better screen. I do a lot of photo and video.
  • Better processor and graphics allows programs like Lightroom CC, Photos, Snapseed, Photoshop Express, iMovie etc. to work more efficiently. Plus, Games like Civilization VI move faster especially towards the end of a large game.
  • More capacity. I got the 256g WiFi version. I actually skipped the cellular model for now. I’ve used my iPhone for a hotspot before and it works fine. Just have to remember to bring auxiliary power like a Mophie Juice Pack.
  • The screen is a lot less susceptible to finger prints and those that do show up are less visible.

5 PM – Disappointed in the new Logitech Slim Combo keyboard for the 10.5 Pro. I ended up returning it already and got the Apple Smart Keyboard that I am typing on now. Too bad because I really liked the Create that I have for the 9.7 Pro. Frankly, for a moment I thought about just returning the 10.5 too because I really liked the 9.7/Create combo but after using the 10.5 for a few hours of productive time I am sold on the size being a great balance between portability and screen size.

Wendy has conferences tonight so I went to dinner at HōM with Garrett then helped him get his gear ready for this weekend’s Boy Scout Klondike campout.

Garrett and I stopped at the Apple store and, while we were waiting to swap out the iPad keyboards, we were messing around with the new iPhones. I’m ready to upgrade from my 6S having completely skipped the 7-series. I thought I was fairly settled on the iPhone 8 because I really like the size of the 6 and the 8 is basically the same. I know for sure that I don’t want the 8 Plus although the better camera was a draw. Well, the X is only slightly larger than the 8 and has a better camera than both the 8 and 8 Plus so I checked out the X’s camera a bit. Here is the photo, straight out of the iPhone X in Portrait mode that convinced me that X marks the spot!

8 PM – More chair time.

10:30 PM – Busy day so I had to hit the CPM chair one more time before bed.

Still doing the single 5mg Oxy IR right before bed. Also, still sleeping through most nights.

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