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Every Day is a Recovery Day – The 10th One Since Surgery

2-2-18 Day 10

6:45 AM – I continue to get decent sleep in the corner of the couch. I forgot to mention earlier that we don’t own a proper recliner, the kind my grandfather used to own, that I would use if we had one. If you get this surgery, and you have a recliner, I’d expect it to be your favorite sleeping spot for a few weeks.

For some reason I’ve got more soreness in the shoulder today than I’ve had waking up for the past few days. Slept differently? I don’t think so. Maybe over did it some yesterday? Haven’t been icing as much?

Did the couple of passive exercises Dr. Ziegler prescribed.

8:30 AM – First 1 hour chair session. Currently have the upper/outer limits of the range of motion set at 82d and 29d.

Things I expect to be able to get done today without my surgery recovery getting in the way of:

  • Writing – Still mostly left-handed but I can throw the right hand in for a few minutes at a time.
  • Continue the consolidation of my digital photo library. Over the past few days I’ve probably got about 25% done but that is most of what I have available at home. I’ll need to head to the studio to load up more on a hard drive.
  • Get Garrett new winter boots. For some reason his feet keep growing!
  • Pick up iPhone X.
  • Decluttering the house.
  • Push things around at the studio to get the video recording area functional.
  • Photograph items for eBay.

11:00 AM – 2nd Chair session with increase in range of motion to 86d/32d. Well on the way to the 140d/60d goal.

Picked up an iPhone X today. Pretty impressive! I’ll have more to report on it as I get more use out of it. Here is a photo in portrait mode.

I made it to the shop for a bit today. Not a lot of work getting done but I am getting some projects prioritized.

Garrett headed off to Winter Camp with the Scouts tonight so Wendy and I have the house to ourselves for the first time in I don’t know how long. She’s not feeling well in the tummy and Ive got this surgery recovery going on. So we’ve got that going!

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