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A Week of News on the Shoulder Surgery Recovery

So…playing a bit of catchup on the Shoulder Surgery Recovery Diary. Since my last entry the days have been, as far as the recovery goes, pretty consistent. It has now been 2-1/2 weeks since the surgery. I’ve been steadily upping the range of motion on the OptiFlex S CPM chair, now at 122d/52d on the way to my 140d/60d goal, and consistently using it for a minimum of 3 hours a day. I’ve also been doing the exercises that Dr.Ziegler prescribed.

A couple of days ago I basically stopped using the sling because the strap is wearing out bad no longer secures well.

The past week has seen me getting some wrk done in somewhat limited way.

A week ago Saturday I was out of the house most of the day at the shop working on some computer and photo library maintenance.

Monday I spent a few hours preparing the GT Design books for taxes. Plus, I stopped by the house Bob is flipping in Glendale and caught up a bit with RC as well.

I spent more time at the shop organizing including photos on the old G5 on Wednesday.

Also been watching a couple of Philip K. Dick derived shows on Amazon Prime, The Man in the High Castle and Electric Dreams. Both have some pretty good episodes so far.

Thursday was my meeting with our accountant. I also took a drive up to Two Rivers to check on a building I am interested in and had lunch at Nicky’s that has what is claimed to be the best hamburger in the area. It was a tasty burger.

Sydney came home Friday PM and the Olympics have started so that scenario saw the whole family together in the living room. Nice!

The next milestone I’ll have to report on is Thursday’s follow up appointment with Dr. Ziegler. Hoping for a good report!

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