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Flipboard for iPad

I’ve been using the free Flipboard app for the iPad that agregates Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and news from various organizations like ABC News, Huffington Post, Washington post Magazine and a bunch of others and displays the info into Magazine-like pages that you flip through. The presentation is engaging and it works well.

Flipboard displays galleries in Facebook as thumbnails that look great and it pulls in articles that users link to and displays them too. Cool!

Flipboard lets you “zoom in” on a specific article or post and will allow you to comment if that feature is available from the site you are using. Facebook, for instance, allows you to comment on posts.

It would be cool if you could post a status update from within Flipboard but either you can’t do that of I haven’t figures out how yet.

iPhone Bike Mount

I am looking for a good solution for carrying my iPhone while I bike. I have been using Runkeeper to track my rides and if the phone is in my pocket it sometimes gets inadvertently turned off. An on bike mount would be ok but I ride several different bikes and don’t want to switch every ride. I thought about an arm band but don’t care for how it feels and looks kinda geeky anyway. Maybe just a CEO-style case? Meh! I’ll figure it out.

UPDATE: I did a review over at Schlick Cycles on several different ways to carry the iPhone on my bikes. Check it out!

No More Hulu on Boxee :(

I am in the process of dumping Time Warner Cable TV and had been looking forward to putting my Boxee / EyeTV replacement into place. The Hulu announcement it is pulling its content from Boxee is a bummer. I’ve been a Hulu fan for a while now and the integration was nice. Well, for $80-plus dollars a month savings I guess I’ll have to live with the change but this seems like a way for Hulu to alienate some of its best supporters.

I saw it here first:

Scrub a Dub Oil Change Coupon On My iPhone

I went for an oil change today and was waiting in line when I noticed I’d forgotten a coupon to save a few bucks on the service. So, I looked up Scrub a Dub on my iPhone and found a $6 off web coupon that you are supposed to print out and bring in. I showed the coupon on the iPhone to the attendant and asked him if I could use it even though I didn’t have a paper copy. He looked at the image on the iPhone, chuckled a little, and said “Why not!”. Sweet! Another $6 saved by having the iPhone.

Leave Steve Alone

How much can one man take? I haven’t seen the kind of scrutiny that Steve Jobs is getting since, well, since I don’t know when. Heck, even outgoing, and good riddance to, former VP Chaney hardly even warranted a mention even though it is fairly obvious a man like him would not be moving his own boxes. Hmmmm, maybe he has cancer, or his dog is sick , or, well, again any number of plausible, or implausible explanations may present themselves.

My biggest beef with the coverage, and don’t get me wrong I’d like to know that my favorite CEO is going to be fine as much as the next guy, is that supposedly qualified guys are making diagnoses that are based on pure conjecture. No physical examination or any thing! WTF??? How about not speculating on, could be or might be without even seeing the guy. Practice medicine, not guess work.

Anyway, I hope the Steve is fine and that we can all get back to business as usual.

If anything, this is an opportunity for Apple to plant he seed that, even though it may be in the future, the company is fine with out the prodigal CEO.

Macworld Keynote 2009

iLife 09


  • Faces feature is very cool using Face Recognition and Face Detection to help organize your photos
  • Places organizes by Geotag
    • Geotagging support
    • Google Maps display of Geotagged photos
  • Flickr and Facebook Export
  • New themes for books and slideshows
    I really love the books! Super high quality.


  • Phil recognized that while iMovie 08 had a cool way to work some still wanted to work in a different way and with more control
  • Neat editing demo probably better to watch than to explain.
  • Image stabilization. Very cool! Hope this helps get some better YouTube videos out there!
  • Animated Maps in movies

Garage Band

  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Guitar or Keyboard
  • 9 basic lessons included free
  • Artist Lessons Popular Artists will teach you how to play their songs $4.99
  • Downloadable so more will be added with a built in store

iLife 09 will be available in late January 09

iWork 09


  • New animation tools
  • Magic Move transitions between slides
  • Object transitions
  • Text transitions
  • Chart animations
  • More themes
  • Again, watching the Demo will really show these features to good effect.
  • Very cool Keynote remote application for the iPhone or iPod Touch .99 in the App Store


  • Full screen view removes distractions from the screen
  • Dynamic Outlines
  • Mail Merge with Numbers as well as Address Book
  • MathType and EndNote integration
  • 40 new templates


  • Table Categories categorize by columns
  • Easy formula writing over 250 functions
  • New Chart options
  • Charts linked to Pages so updates are easy
  • Spreadsheet templates

iWork 09 is available immediately

Mac Box set $169 iLife, iWork, Leopard coming at the end of January. Great price!

  • Free Beta
  • New service to share docs with others by invitation
  • Mac or PC browser
  • Add Comments and Notes
  • Downloads in Pages, PDF or WORD
  • Final site will be a paid service

17″ MacBook Pro

  • 1920×1200 screen
  • Anti Glare options
  • 2.93GHz
  • Up to 8GB Memory
  • Nvidia Graphics
  • up to 2 256GB SSD
  • New battery technology
  • Up to 8 hours
  • 1,000 recharges
  • Integrated to remove all the overhead of a removable battery
  • $2799


  • new pricing in April .69/.99/1.29 allowing companies more flexibility in pricing

iTunes Plus

  • Higher encoding rate
  • 8 million songs DRM free starting today 2 million more by end of the quarter so all 10,000,000 songs are available DRM free via iTunes plus.

iPhone version of iTunes

  • WiFi and now works on 3G networks starts today

iPhone Saves Me $200

While waiting for AAA to come and fix the stuck key in my ignition I Googled the problem, found a solution and saved the inevitable locksmith fee. Sweet!

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