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Happy Meal Me!

It has been quite a while since I saw Super Size Me but I began a McDonald’s strategy after I caught a point in the movie that I knew but had put in the back of my mind. Essentially the Happy Meal hamburger and fries are the same size as the original hamburger and fries that I got at Mickey D’s 25 years ago. The burger, fries and drinks have just been getting bigger and bigger. So, because I actually like McDonald’s now and again I have adopted the Happy Meal Strategy. I just order a hamburger Happy Meal instead of the old Number 3. Saves money, calories and I get a toy for Sydney plus I still get all that great McDonald’s flavor!

Note that this doesn’t apply on those rare days I get breakfast at the Golden Arches but I figure the Bagel Meals are not terrible and I don’t get them that often so no harm, no foul!

Bruegger’s Stop

I hit Bruegger’s today for an Everything w/cream cheese. Got a toasted version for my pop. He didn’t remember having Bruegger’s before and really liked it. He doesn’t get out of the house much anymore and is always game for a bagel!

Another good reason to stop at Bruegger’s in our neighborhood is that Stone Creek Coffee is right next door. MUCH better Mocha that Starbuck’s!

FYI, I have been mostly going to Johnathan’s for the past few months. Guess habits are hard to break.

It’s My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! I’ll be going to the local parade where my daughter is marching with mom and the Girl Scout Troop. Probably hit Summerfest if the rain quits for a while and then try to catch some fireworks tonight.

Got a cool new toaster from the family that does bagels well. It has wide slots and in bagel mode only warms one side, very cool. It is a

“Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Extra-Wide-Slot Toaster”

[composed and posted with ecto]

Lots of Bagels From Bruegger’s

Wendy went to get a baker’s dozen on Sunday because she had a coupon and we like Bruegger’s.

She came home after Sydney’s gymnastics class with a big bag and a couple of tubs of cream cheese. Yummy! Wait, what’s this? All the Bagel’s are “everything”. Not bad for me but both Syd and Wendy like different flavors. Plus, I had put in a request for a couple of “sundried tomato”. Looks like the bag was switched with another customer.

Wendy went back and they were expecting her. After redoing her original order. we go to keep the extra 13 “everything” bagels so we are set for a couple of days!

Does a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel at Mickey D’s Count?

Well, I’m not sure if they count as a real bagel but I do eat them once in a while. Usually the bagel is the best part of the sandwich. Sometimes I just crave the greasy, sloppy, salty sandwich that is the BEC. Besides, if you are a Coca-Cola fan you already know that McDonald’s has the best fountain Coke of any restaurant.

Einstein Bagels This AM

I happened by an Einstein Bagels today and stopped for an Everything with cream cheese. Softer and chewyer than my favorite at Johnathan’s. Good flavor though!

Bruegger’s on Lake and Silver Spring

Had an Everything with plain cream cheese today. Usually I like Bruegger’s but today the bagel was only so-so. Normally I like this place because they use a goodly amount of malt in the water while boiling the bagels and it gives them a nice sweet flavor on the outside.

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