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Spectrum Solutions Painting Company Website

Did a quick website for my friend RC. Nothing fancy yet. We need more content and let the site tell us what it wants to be but we have a start at –

From RC:

Spectrum Solutions is a painting and fine finish contractor in Southeast Wisconsin specializing in interior and exterior painting, cedar staining and many other types of finish work on homes in the greater Southeast Wisconsin region including the counties of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha and Ozaukee.

iPhone 4 Order

After a bunch of tries I finally got my iPhone 4 pre-order accepted but not for the June 24th launch. By the time the order system functioned (at 10PM) all the way through my order was down the list and will be delivered about a week after the official launch date.

Still can’t wait!

Wilberg Community Planning Web Site

I am super stoked at how well the web site I recently finished for Wilberg Community Planning turned out.  Jan had a few previous sites but had always struggled to get updates done. The new site was done with WordPress and allows Jan to make timely updates as often as she needs.

An added bonus to working on this site was working with Tyra from Tessera Design on the template design. Tyra did the design in Photoshop and we had Sramek Design do the conversion to the WordPress template. Very smooth operation and the results are great!


On Being Busy

Being busy is a good thing, to a point! It is good to have some paying gigs but the time away from some pet projects has left me feeling a bit bummed. A couple of these projects are almost ready to start bearing some fruit though so I soldier on!

Bye-Bye Spam

Well it looks like my hunch was right. Disabling the poating of twitter update logs as posts to the blog seems to have killed off most of my comment spam. Only 24 in the last two weeks! Compare that to the over 1,000 count I had a few weeks ago and it seems obvious that I did a good thing!

Weekly Tweet List on 2009-05-03

  • Say Bye to Jack from LEG! Thanks for coming, buddy! #wislope #
  • Tough weekend for pix of the MWWF event in the rain and fog. Working on them in Aperture. #wislope #
  • Change “faithful” to “facebook” in the Pearl Jam tune of the same name and you have an interesting song! #
  • Audio editing Teleseminar files. #
  • Updating Working on pix from the South Dakota trip. #slopeflyer #sdslope #
  • @svdodge Yeah, bummer. Happened to me too. I went with the plastic cover and the special bolts to keep it on. So far so good. in reply to svdodge #
  • Heading to the shop. Gotta get that place productive again. It has been too long! #
  • Installed new wiper blades in 27 seconds. I am quite the shade tree mechanic. No? #
  • @SuburbNews That Deep Tunnel is working out well! No? in reply to SuburbNews #
  • @RacerRick “whooosh” usually means mail going out. in reply to RacerRick #
  • Out of AM meetings and heading to the shop shortly. More rocks to move today. Yipee! #
  • Finalizing bike production details for Zize. #
  • Lookinf for a bike for my son. He will be 3 in a couple of weeks. Any MKE folks got one that has been outgrown? #
  • @edcetera Frank isn’t usually one to turn down a beer! in reply to edcetera #
  • Working on bike product shots. Learning how to remove the green screen we shot against. #
  • Son is not feeling well today. He is sleeping on the couch whle I get a bit of work done. Feel better, buddy! #
  • @brandonatrcca Sweet laydown shocks. Makes me want to go back to 1/10th! in reply to brandonatrcca #
  • @svdodge Nice! Gotta get a Nikon in his hands though! in reply to svdodge #
  • @simonmcconico PJ’s on Farwell smokes all the bigger chains. in reply to simonmcconico #
  • @onmilwaukee You mentioned a bunch of super burgers. Note: Nite Owl Drive-In on Layton is open for the summer again. Great Burger! in reply to onmilwaukee #
  • @jeniphersob I must admit, being a slacker is harder than it sounds. in reply to jeniphersob #
  • @newlocalmedia Rats! I never got there with my son for breakfast. I almost feel as bad as I did when Gordon’s on Center closed. in reply to newlocalmedia #
  • @newlocalmedia Gordon’s was a super counter-style restaurant on Center. Closed 15 years ago or so. in reply to newlocalmedia #

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Weekly Tweet List on 2009-04-26

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Weekly Tweet List on 2009-04-19

  • Working on a Sunday and Easter to boot! Presentation tomorrow that needs lots of polish. #
  • Over 15 hours of work on an Easter Sunday. Sheesh! I hope it is worth it tomorrow. #
  • @hbk2flyer Curious about the Twinstar. I love mine stock but in wind it could use more grunt. Buddy has big 4-blade props on his! in reply to hbk2flyer #
  • @chrispirillo Google pimps commerce! Comes from being driven by ad revenue. in reply to chrispirillo #
  • @Gary_Fisher You going to be at the WI Bike Summit on Tuesday as well? Great to have advocates like you there! in reply to Gary_Fisher #
  • Stopped flying at Atwater when the sleet started. #wislope #
  • I reckon I’ll give that turning in for the night bit a try. #
  • Beautiful short biking movie #
  • OK, now I really am going to try for some sack time! #
  • @RacerRick How many are playing chess? City workers that is! Look in a manhole and you never know what you’ll see! in reply to RacerRick #
  • 15mph wind at Big Bay. Going to brave the cold for a short flight before heading to the shop. #wislope #
  • Gloves = FAIL! #
  • Wind Meter App on my iPhone seems accurate. 21 mph at Big Bay. Wish it read higher than 28 mph. #
  • @BlatzLiquor – Bacon in liquor = Bacon Martini. Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas. in reply to BlatzLiquor #
  • @simonmcconico If you already have a CPA they will do it for you. in reply to simonmcconico #
  • @JoeSteve iPhone! So much more than just a phone. The Wind Meter App is priceless! in reply to JoeSteve #
  • Slope soaring trip to SD is on. Leaving Thursday. #sdslope #
  • It is the beginning of Shop Organization week (month?). #
  • @JoeSteve Mine has saved me more than that! One instance of a FAIL ignition lock in my van saved $180 in one crack! in reply to JoeSteve #
  • Bye-bye Lawill Leader3 fork! Back to ridged. #
  • Old school MTB bling! Paul’s, Ti bar and stem, Lawill Leader 3, Ti spokes #oldskool #
  • MTB skull and shock- #
  • New skins needed for the Alpina 507 – #
  • Maxxis Hookworms for the Univega. City bike for sure. – #
  • New meats installed on the Univega – #
  • Another Marilyn passes. Bye, Ms. Chambers! #
  • If that game is for amusement only, why am I not amused? #
  • Eating a doughnut. My daughter bought it for me. How can I say no?! #
  • Don’t grow up and you’ll never have to choose! #
  • Trying to get work done so I can leave for an SD flying trip tomorrow. #
  • @jeniphersob I don’t know, but if you want to start a company that does that, I would be great! Once I know something will work, I ‘m done. in reply to jeniphersob #
  • Check out the 3.67 mi bike ride I did with @runkeeper #runkeeper #
  • @boneshakerbike – Ball of foot here. in reply to boneshakerbike #
  • 12 to 15 at Big Bay. Just had a several Weasel flights. Woodpecker to the left, Weasel to the right, here I am! #wislope #
  • Heading to the painter to pick up bike frames. #
  • 46 at the lake. 61 in Greenfield! #lakeeffect #
  • Getting a late start. Little wind but heading to the point. #sdslope #
  • Flew the city park for a while this AM. Wind switched. Moving to the other side of the river now. #sdslope #
  • Erwin flew great! Maiden on Dave’s Ruby went well. Weasels out there now. #sdslope #
  • SD guard F-16 just flew over. 500 FT or less! #sdslope #
  • Good first day of flying in SD. Several maiden filghts. Vector2 was great. V-Ultra got a good work out. #sdslope #
  • Heading to Jackie’s in Pukwana,SD for food. Yum! I wonder if it is lawnmower racing season yet? #
  • Heading to The Pasture early. A line of precip is coming in a couple of hours. #sdslope #
  • Got to The Pasture early this AM for some flight time before the rain. Vector2, Pica, Zipper and more flew well. Great lift!. Rain Now. :-(. #
  • Precip most of the day. Quite a bit of flying in the rain while sitting in the car. Lots of fun! #sdslope #
  • @MarkRCSoaring got a Wasp as raffle prize for the Midwest Whatever Fest next weekend. Some lucky winner will be happy! #wislope in reply to MarkRCSoaring #

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Weekly Tweet List on 2009-04-12

  • Just flew Atwater Beach for a bit. Cold but decent lift. #
  • I bought the @MacHeist 3 Bundle. 12 Top Mac apps worth $900+ for just $39 AND I just got Delicious Library 2 FREE! #
  • Setting up bike frame photos – #
  • Nice job with the stats, FSN. #
  • Working on a database conversion. My favorite, NOT! #
  • Taking small people to their destinations. #
  • Invent a buzz word, teach it to me, and I’ll make sure it gets beaten to death. #
  • My plants are like me, tattered and thirsty. #
  • East winds forecast for tomorow. I wonder where I’ll be! #
  • @bartka If you never did the timing belt it is a lot cheaper than bent valves! Water pump is right there so you save labor later. in reply to bartka #
  • Catching up on RSS feeds. Only every 3 days or so now! #
  • @robodaniel Great! I just hope folks remember to dispose of them properly. Mercury is a bummer in a fill. in reply to robodaniel #
  • Masters of Reality still rocks! Doraldina’s Prophecies. #
  • You have so many stickers on your car I am not sure who you are. #
  • @mkedave Less $$ and more innovation in F1, please! in reply to mkedave #
  • @boneshakerbike Meh! They always rode harshly anyway. in reply to boneshakerbike #
  • @jeniphersob Mayhaps you are in ‘stallis? in reply to jeniphersob #
  • Jargon speak: need to travel at the speed of light to stay ahead of the wolf pack. #tripe #
  • Sculpture, bike frame, which one of these? – #
  • @boneshakerbike I’m rocking a Teesdale. Steel is real! in reply to boneshakerbike #
  • Heading to the lake to offer up a plane to the East Wind. #
  • Meh! Wind is still lite. I’ll try again at 3:30. Atwater Beach. Back to the shop. #
  • @boneshakerbike – Gotta love TET. I’ve been working with him on prototypes and short run production stuff for over 15 years. in reply to boneshakerbike #
  • Unboxing 2 prototype bikes! #
  • The wind speed never came up today but at least it was NE for a while and I got a couple of Weasel flights in. #
  • Helping young daughter make b-fast in bed for mommy. #
  • Just met with @Teecycle_Tim. Very productive! Thanks, Tim! #
  • @Gary_Fisher Sweet helmet, Gary! in reply to Gary_Fisher #
  • Fox Sports camera work and production quality for the Brewers is sure lousy! #
  • Corey Hart solo HR. I heart Hart. #
  • Sweet! Safe at the plate! 4-3 Brewers Win! #
  • When my kids got separate bedrooms I made an office in the basement. Don’t like it so now I am working in the patent’s room, my old office. #
  • @sarandipity I got caught up in it last season. Good show that is not too repetitive. in reply to sarandipity #
  • @mattmcegg My dad used to say that song reminded him of me…for some reason. in reply to mattmcegg #
  • @talktostrangers Always nice to ride into the wind during the first part of a ride. Wind at your back on the way home rules. in reply to talktostrangers #
  • @electricwingman Yeah, I have one like that too but it is FAST! in reply to electricwingman #
  • @Teecycle_Tim Did you see yourself here? – #
  • Big Bay is working pretty well if you need a slope fix in SE WI. #wislope #
  • @iphonegirl Been using Runkeeper for bike rides. Works well as long as I don’t accidentally hit a button. Motivation from tech and play! in reply to iphonegirl #
  • At BBC for lunch. #
  • Haven’t used Stanza lately. I still like it but am reading “real” books recently. #
  • Staying home with my son because he’s sick. Mom and daughter off to the Easter service. #

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Weekly Tweet List on 2009-04-05

  • Going to my daughter’s 4th grade orchestra concert. #
  • @littletinyfish Nice! Wheel building is sure an art form. in reply to littletinyfish #
  • Updating #
  • Going to check out a paint shop to see if they can do a good job on bicycle frames. Anyone got suggestions? #
  • @BikeInk Taco! Did ti 10 minutes into a ride on a new wheel. Bummer. Took it off, banged it on the ground, jumped on it. Got me home. in reply to BikeInk #
  • @ladyhero iPhone all the way! in reply to ladyhero #
  • See you April 2nd. You can’t pull the rswill over my ea #
  • Taking bike frames to the paint shop. #
  • Painting the second half of the floor in the new shop! #
  • UPS just dropped off 6 more bike frames! #
  • Photogs, I’m looking for a roll of back drop paper any local Milwaukee resources? #
  • Photographing Zize bike frames. #
  • Working on a new Schlick Cycles frame design. #
  • @peterurban Pix of some coming soon. Others are still in design/prototype stage. in reply to peterurban #
  • Lots of bike websites sure are complicated for showing a simple product. #
  • @LukeStory go for the Jamis! in reply to LukeStory #
  • At Sobelman’s snacking. #

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