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New Work on a Chiropractic Practice Management Website

I picked up a new job, finally! I will be helping a friend revamp his chiropractic practice management website. He is running a content management system that I helped him get going about 6 or 7 years ago. He has been doing great with keeping it updated with a lot of good information about chiropractic practice management but the old system is kludgy and there are much better tools these days plus we will be making the existing content more accessible and easier to access. In addition, we will be able to finally make the site look A LOT better!

Gotta love a guy who says buh-bye to WalMart

My dad always told me that he’d much rather build high-quality goods for a descerning market rather than junk for a mass market. The CEO of Simplicity/Snapper must have some of that same mojo when, after aquiring Snapper, {+} they decided not to sell through WalMart anymore. I like a story where the CEO really gets what his company makes, who he wants to sell to and where the company is heading. Three cheers for Jim Wier! To quote him “We’re obsessed with having differentiated, high-end, quality products.” Sweet! And, to paraphrase a friend, You can’t get that at WalMart!

A Nail in the Coffin of Long Sales Letters, I hope!

Well, if you know me, you know that I typically hate long, direct marketing style sales letters. That said I guess what I really hate is cookie cutter long sales letters all using exactly the same format and many of the same over-hyped, under substantiated claims. I appreciate that someone has the creativity to slam something while at the same time making it work.

So, a nail in the coffin of long sales letters? I hope so if only to kick-start creative uses of a format that has proven to be effective and simply needs more integrity, honesty and creativity to add real value. It would help if the product being offered actual has real value as well!

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