schmenzer speaks!

Drive Free Cars!

I found this cool presentation called Drive Free, Retire Rich. I didn’t originally set out to work this plan, and my major downfall to realizing the full potential is that I don’t always do what I should, but I haven’t had a car payment for over 10 years and it sure is nice! The presentation made me realize just how much I’ve saved not driving brand new cars!

Give us back our money!

The more I read stories like this, this or this, the more pissed I get about what companies that were supposedly on the verge of collapse are doing with the money our government gave them to bail them out. How can Merill Lynch defend an extravagant CEO, suspect timing in bonus payments and a general air entitlement that seems to permeate the upper echelon of business when they are using OUR money to pay for unnecessary expenses. The current economic environment has not been kind to my own business but I haven’t gotten any handouts, I’ve significantly cut back on both business and personal expenses and I am being more creative in both how I try to get new business and the work I am willing and able to do. Get a clue!

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