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Been working on, a website that will explore the space around the Video iPod. What to put on it for content, how to make content, what software to use, the iTunes Music Store Video section, etc.

A TV Podcast could also be an audio podcast about TV shows. There have been several popular audio podcasts centered around reality TV shows so we’ll explore those as well.

I set up the site around a WordPress install. So far, so good. It seems to do all I want it too. I have been an Article Manager fan for so long it is hard to change but it looks like it is time to get more knowledge around the WP camp besides this particular blog. Probably more coming at ya as well.

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Hanging with Drew

I had lunch with Drew from the Dawn and Drew show today. Nice guy!

Drew is a fellow RC pilot and we met at the local hobby shop to talk a little model stuff and for him to pick up a receiver for his new 4D Lite from Tufflight. Should be a really cool plane for indoor and backyard shenanigans. I am working on one as well. The 12 degree temperature outside today reminded me that indoor season is coming fast.

After the model stuff Drew hipped me to a great Thai restaurant where we had lunch. I forgot the name but I know right where it is and I’ll be going back! Hwy 100 in West Allis,WI.

slopeflyer podcast #5 posted at

This is a podcast about radio control slope soaring. Second one from the home studio but also with a slope side report. Got some feedback that recorded at the slope sounds would be interesting.

I’m still looking for a microphone that is compatible with the new 60gig iPod. It will attach to the docking port on the bottom. Let me know if you hear of one. Looking for better sound quality from the live slope reports.

There is a direct link at: as well as feed subscription information there.

Direct from Shanghai to Me, My iPod Video!

Apple shipped FedEx from China on Oct 17, I got the 60 Gig, black beauty in Wisconsin on Oct 18th. Wow, ain’t modern transportation cool!

Here it is next to my 40 Gig iPod Photo. The larger screen is clearly noticeable and it seems brighter and sharper in person. you can also see the smaller click wheel. I think the smaller size actually works better for me.

Video iPod Black

I think the video capability is pretty neat and I have some plans for a few iPod formatted video podcasts that show slope soaring tips or new slopes but the main thing I got it for is the now high quality audio recording capability. I was always surprised that the past iPods were hobbled in this department. I assume this was a concession to the music industry but with a ton of other devices out there capable of high quality recordings it just did not make sense any more. Now we just need a compatible microphone! The manual that comes with the new pod says the microphone will connect through the dock connector. Sounds good. I want one!

I am also looking forward to the larger drive since the 40 Gig Photo has about 1.2 Gigs left. It was almost time to start pruning!

This picture shows how much thinner the new iPod is compared to the old Photo. It is more comfortable in the pocket and just feels “right” in the hand.

Video iPod Compare to Photo

I’ll give more impressions after I use it a bit. Now, how about that microphone!

Scott Sigler’s Earthcore Podcast Audio Book

Paudio Book. Billed as the first Podcast novel this Sci-Fi story came in 20 installments as Podcasts. I came late to the game and started getting the episodes about number 15. By the time I made my recent trip to South Dakota I had all the Episodes and listened to the book while on the way to and from SD in the van. Each episode was about 45 minutes so the total was pretty close to the total driving time there and back. Because I listened to them back to back in the vehicle I didn’t suffer from the EarthCrack withdrawls that folks who listened to each weekly episode had to endure.

I found the book to be entertaining not withstanding Scott’s sometimes iffy accents. I’m sure I couldn’t do as well!

The story follows a mining expedition 3 miles down into the Earth where they encounter lots of unexpected things. There is plenty of bloodshed and horror to keep you entertained.

Already over 10,000 people have downloaded the Podcasts and Scott has a print version available at Amazon.

Check it out at

He is just starting a new Paudio Book called Ancestor. I’m looking forward to it!

Brian Ibbott’s Coverville is Great!

If you are new to Podcasting you should definitely check out this show.

The show is all about bands doing cover songs. Some of the best in the biz do them and it is cool to hear some of the more obscure covers out there. Brian has ASCAP and BMI licenses so he is not restrained to “podsafe” music so you will hear songs from well known bands as well as some you’ve probably never heard of.

I’ve been listening to a few back shows and Episode #101 The Best of the Worst Cover Songs has been killing me! I forgot how great William Shatner’s version of lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was! Even better was the “Swedish Elvis” doing In the Ghetto.

Subscribe to Coverville with your Podcatching client like iPodder, iPodderX or iTunes 4.9 via this link:

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