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My Kyosho Dnano Mazda 787

With the track at the Mini Speedway shop temporarily packed up for the move I needed a car to run at home to keep my mad driving skills polished.

I picked up a Kyosho dNaNo Mazda 787 last week when I made a trip to Illinois for some other business. HobbyTown is the exclusive distributor in the US and, for now, the HobbyTown in Orland Park, IL is the closest to my house. 2 hours away! Fortunately, I had other biz not far away and took the opportunity to visit Steve and pick up the dNaNo.

HobbyTown had just received several new cars and I already knew Steve had the Mazda I’d been looking for because I’d been emailing him for a few days. I went with the Mazda 787 in the Red and Green colors to match my Mini-Z Mazda.

Kyosho dNaNo and Mini-Z versions of the Mazda 787
Kyosho dNaNo and Mini-Z versions of the Mazda 787

So far the dNaNo has been great! I’ve run it for a few hours now on my RealTracks 20-piece course. The track is tight and fits in an area 8 feet by 5-1/2 feet and has about 14 inch wide lanes. I have room to go quite a bit bigger and am seriously considering the new version of the RealTracks that has no bumpers on the edge. I like the idea of more FIA style curbs and big run off areas.

RealTracks 20-piece Track Pack set up.
RealTracks 20-piece Track Pack set up.

Mods to this point are limited to tires. I went with 10d rears and 40d fronts for use on my plastic Real Tracks race surface and this combo works pretty well. Just like real race cars the performance of the tires degrades over about 80 laps. I bring the car in. Clean the dust off the rears and lightly clean the fronts and go out again. Great!

In stock form the dNaNo kills the Epochs I’ve been running. The throttle and steering response is better than the Epoch too. That said, I really do still like the Epochs especially now that I’ve installed new tires on two of the Spec 2 Epochs I have.

Kyosho dNaNo on the inside with the Epoch Spec 2 on the outside
Kyosho dNaNo on the inside with the Epoch Spec 2 on the outside

More dNaNo fun and info to come.

Mini Speedway Open House Was a Success

Last Friday, February 15th was the Open House in the 4-story building where I have the Mini Speedway track. The building is filled with artists, musicians and crafts people as well as my RC plane manufacturing biz, plus the Mini Speedway!

The official hours were 6PM to 9PM but we had people until at least 11PM.

In addition to a slightly larger than Wide-L layout for people to try running 2-minute races. We had Groovesquad Live, a local improvisational electronica band, Lena, a local artist who painted live and John Shlick, my partner in Schlick Cycles showing our excellent Performance Cruiser bicycle.

In addition I had my Pole Camera setup at a 12 foot height, just a few inches short of the ceiling to take remote photos from on high.

Over all we had a couple of hundred peole come through. It was an interesting crowd as many of the people were in the building to see specific artists but I think a lot of them came away with a better understanding of Mini Speedway and RC car racing. Hope we get a few of them to become regulars. I gave out first race free cards so I hope to see some of those come back!

Check out the Mini Speedway website for more info and Pix.

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Mini Speedway Open House

The building our Mini Speedway shop is in, known locally as The Nut Factory owing to one of its previous incarnations, is having an open house on Friday, February 15th, 2008 from 6PM to 9PM.

Mini Speedway will be participating with Open Track Time racing our 1/28th scale rc race cars, entertainment from Groovesquad Live, a local improvisational electronica musician, specials and giveaways and, if all goes well, a fantastic local artist.

In addition to the Mini Speedway shop being open several other artist tenants of the building will also be participating.

Check out the Mini Speedway contact page for a map to the building.

Mini Speedway RC -Milwaukee Mini-Z, xMod, iWaver and Firelap Nanoracer Race Track

Well, winter has set in here in Milwaukee and it is time for some indoor RC activity so I got a bunch of RCP Track, a Core Systems timer and cleared out some space at the shop and will be hosting 1/28th scale rc car racing right here in Milwaukee.

I set up a site for Mini Speedway RC at that will provide information for our local racers, info for the Mini RC community in general and an online store.

We have a dedicated space for the track in a 1200 sq/ft facility. The track and associated useable space is about 800 sq/ft and the track occupies an area of about 18 x 30 feet. The remainder of the facility is dedicated to an RC airplane manufacturing business.

So, if you are an RC Car racing enthusiast in Milwaukee or Southeastern Wisconsin interested in Mini and Micro RC cars like Mini-Zs, xMods, iWavers, Firelap Nanoracers, come join us for fun and competition on a professional rc race track on the East Side of Milwaukee.

Alonso and Renault Are on a Tear!

Fernando Alonso won his third straight F1 event this past weekend. This was a great race because, finally, Michael Schumacher was on the attack and was hounding Fernando for many laps. It was really gratifying to see that Renault has what it takes to hold off the Prancing Pony! Too bad Fisichella had bad luck and had an off which took him out early.

McLaren again looked good with Kimi on the pole but relibility took him out early.

Now, we just need to get Williams/BMW to help Webber and Heidfeld to step up to the plate and we should have a really exciting season.

Alonso Again! Renault Wins 3 in a Row With a Victory at Bahrain

The 2005 F2 season is looking pretty good! No Ferrari domination. But wait, is is shaping up to be Renault domination? Probably not for ever. There seems to be more teams capable of winning this year. Makes for some exciting racing.

Well, after qualifying well, Nick Heidfeld had an engine problem that took him out on lap 25. Bummer! BMW/Williams teammate Mark Webber fared better finishing 6th and looking good in his new ride.

The Official Formula 1 Website

San Marino at Imola is next on April 24th.

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