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dNaNo Tests on RealTracks Race Track

I added 3 articles to about modifications I made to the RealTracks RC race track I have to increase traction.

1. RealTracks Traction Tests With Kyosho dNaNo

2. RealTrack Race Surface Modification For More Traction

3. RealTracks Traction Idea – Post Modification

If you are into Kyosho dNaNos, check it out!

My Kyosho Dnano Mazda 787

With the track at the Mini Speedway shop temporarily packed up for the move I needed a car to run at home to keep my mad driving skills polished.

I picked up a Kyosho dNaNo Mazda 787 last week when I made a trip to Illinois for some other business. HobbyTown is the exclusive distributor in the US and, for now, the HobbyTown in Orland Park, IL is the closest to my house. 2 hours away! Fortunately, I had other biz not far away and took the opportunity to visit Steve and pick up the dNaNo.

HobbyTown had just received several new cars and I already knew Steve had the Mazda I’d been looking for because I’d been emailing him for a few days. I went with the Mazda 787 in the Red and Green colors to match my Mini-Z Mazda.

Kyosho dNaNo and Mini-Z versions of the Mazda 787

Kyosho dNaNo and Mini-Z versions of the Mazda 787

So far the dNaNo has been great! I’ve run it for a few hours now on my RealTracks 20-piece course. The track is tight and fits in an area 8 feet by 5-1/2 feet and has about 14 inch wide lanes. I have room to go quite a bit bigger and am seriously considering the new version of the RealTracks that has no bumpers on the edge. I like the idea of more FIA style curbs and big run off areas.

RealTracks 20-piece Track Pack set up.

RealTracks 20-piece Track Pack set up.

Mods to this point are limited to tires. I went with 10d rears and 40d fronts for use on my plastic Real Tracks race surface and this combo works pretty well. Just like real race cars the performance of the tires degrades over about 80 laps. I bring the car in. Clean the dust off the rears and lightly clean the fronts and go out again. Great!

In stock form the dNaNo kills the Epochs I’ve been running. The throttle and steering response is better than the Epoch too. That said, I really do still like the Epochs especially now that I’ve installed new tires on two of the Spec 2 Epochs I have.

Kyosho dNaNo on the inside with the Epoch Spec 2 on the outside

Kyosho dNaNo on the inside with the Epoch Spec 2 on the outside

More dNaNo fun and info to come.