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Scott Sigler’s Earthcore Podcast Audio Book

Paudio Book. Billed as the first Podcast novel this Sci-Fi story came in 20 installments as Podcasts. I came late to the game and started getting the episodes about number 15. By the time I made my recent trip to South Dakota I had all the Episodes and listened to the book while on the way to and from SD in the van. Each episode was about 45 minutes so the total was pretty close to the total driving time there and back. Because I listened to them back to back in the vehicle I didn’t suffer from the EarthCrack withdrawls that folks who listened to each weekly episode had to endure.

I found the book to be entertaining not withstanding Scott’s sometimes iffy accents. I’m sure I couldn’t do as well!

The story follows a mining expedition 3 miles down into the Earth where they encounter lots of unexpected things. There is plenty of bloodshed and horror to keep you entertained.

Already over 10,000 people have downloaded the Podcasts and Scott has a print version available at Amazon.

Check it out at

He is just starting a new Paudio Book called Ancestor. I’m looking forward to it!

Michael Crichton’s State of Fear

Got this book recently and blew through it in a couple of days.

It is a good thriller with a controversial look at Global Warming and Eco Terrorism. It is a work of fiction but Michael spent three years researching, and provides foot notes for, a vast body of research on the topics the characters in the story deal with. No matter what your position on these issues I hope you check out the book, keep an open mind while reading it, and then begin asking some real questions about how “scientific” information is presented. Both sides of the argument distort the true data to suit their view and if you are any kind of conspiracy theorist, the State of Fear is surly no joke.

There are a bunch of online reviews if you are interested in a plot outline, just do a Google search!

“State Of Fear” (Michael Crichton)

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On Reading Angels and Demons

Wendy thought I might like Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. Not a bad book. It made me want to visit Rome and see all the art and architecture there. It reads fast and the action seems to keep coming although the thing did slow down and become a bit tedious towards the end.

You can find a ton of reviews about the plot of the book like these:

Wendy and I both got a bit put off towards the end. A few times I was thinking, is this part just here incase they need to make a blockbuster movie out of this story? Still, it didn’t take long to read and I’ve heard The Da Vinci Code is better so I have something to look forward to from Dan Brown.

“Angels & Demons : Special Illustrated Collector’s Edition” (Dan Brown)

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I’m rereading The Chronicles of Narnia

Its been a long time since I read these books as a kid. They hold up pretty well! I am reading an entire volume of all the books contained as one. No opinion the chronology vs publication argument. I did read the set the first time randomly if I remember right but aside from the basic story I mostly forgot the rest in the 30 or so years since I read this series last. I’m not really an aficionado of this series but I am enjoying the stories.

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