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Spectrum Solutions Painting Company Website

Did a quick website for my friend RC. Nothing fancy yet. We need more content and let the site tell us what it wants to be but we have a start at –

From RC:

Spectrum Solutions is a painting and fine finish contractor in Southeast Wisconsin specializing in interior and exterior painting, cedar staining and many other types of finish work on homes in the greater Southeast Wisconsin region including the counties of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha and Ozaukee.

Everyday Cycles Website

I have been working on the website for Everyday Cycles. Everyday Cycles is a custom bike shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin specializing in bicycles for riders who use their bikes for transportation, commuting and, in general, enjoying the pleasure of riding. Everyday Cycles is also a dealer for the Schlick Cycles line of bikes as well as Simplified and Xtracycle. We are still gathering content for the site so keep an eye on it as we build!

Of course we are building the site using WordPress and will be using a couple of plug-ins to add functionality where we need it.

Wilberg Community Planning Web Site

I am super stoked at how well the web site I recently finished for Wilberg Community Planning turned out.  Jan had a few previous sites but had always struggled to get updates done. The new site was done with WordPress and allows Jan to make timely updates as often as she needs.

An added bonus to working on this site was working with Tyra from Tessera Design on the template design. Tyra did the design in Photoshop and we had Sramek Design do the conversion to the WordPress template. Very smooth operation and the results are great!


Bye-Bye Spam

Well it looks like my hunch was right. Disabling the poating of twitter update logs as posts to the blog seems to have killed off most of my comment spam. Only 24 in the last two weeks! Compare that to the over 1,000 count I had a few weeks ago and it seems obvious that I did a good thing!

WordPress vs Joomla

I am going to redo the site and have been thinking about replacing the Article Manager CMS that is powering the site now. While Article Manager has met my needs for the past several years it simply doesn’t have some of the functionality I want to include in the redesign.

I had almost decided to do it in WordPress when I reinvestigated Joomla. I even had a nice Premium Theme I purchased that looked like it would do the job. However, I really like some of the extensibility in Joomla and now I am not so sure.

Currently has about 650 pages and about 2,000 photos that I will have to migrate so I want to make sure I get it right the first time.

I have done a bunch of WordPress sites and pretty much know what it is about but my experience with Joomla is limited with most of the investigations I did of it a year or more ago.

If anyone has comments on pros and cons of using one over the other, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

American Micrographics

I am working with American Micrographics, a digital imaging and record retention service here in Milwaukee. We are doing a website to showcase the capabilities of the company. It is a cool place because not only can they do all the current digital imaging techniques but they have bunch of legacy machines like aperture card readers and several types of microfilm machines that represent several decades of record retention and archiving services. Converting these legacy storage systems to the digital age is an interesting process.

The website is, of course, WordPress driven and will ultimately include a custom skin and several plug-ins to add required functionality. At this point I am adding content and working on how the info flows. Skinning will be the final phase.

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Schlick Cycles Shark Website

schlick sharkI did a bunch of work to get the Schlick Cycles website for the Shark upgraded to a WordPress powered deal, redid a bunch of content and finally got some photos up. More work on the theme and some graphics stuff to go but the main content is there.

We are expecting our debut in Playboy Magazine with the Shark in the September issue. Hope it makes the presses this time. Originally scheduled for May!

Posting from Flock 0.9.0 – or not posting as the case turned out to be

I’ve been using Flock on and off for a while and like many of the unique features for interacting with blogs, photo sites and the like but have not really made much use of its power yet. I’ve still been using Ecto to post to the blog most of the time and posting photos directly to Flickr from within Aperture via the Flickr Export plugin. still, the integrated nature of Flock has me intrigued so I’ll give it a go for a while.

Well, that was my Flock post only it wouldn’t post. The connection to the blog seemed OK but there seems to be an issue with getting the categories. I’ll be looking into it.

Meanwhile it is back to Ecto!

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Garden Thyme WordPress Site

I recently built a WordPress powered site for friends in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their business, Garden Thyme, is one of the premier landscape gardening companies in Northern Colorado. The need for a site that the two principle people in the company could update regularly led us to a WordPress powered site. The new version 2.1 has some nice features that take the traditional blog style site and empower it to deliver a more business oriented need while still maintaining ease of use.

I also installed Gallery 2 and integrated it into the WordPress template. Showing the quality of work is important to the folks at Garden Thyme and Gallery2 is another great program that is easy to use and, in this case, great because of the ease with which it can be integrated into the WordPress site.

If you need landscaping in Fort Collins or Northern Colorado give Garden Thyme a look!

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