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Spectrum Solutions Painting Company Website

Did a quick website for my friend RC. Nothing fancy yet. We need more content and let the site tell us what it wants to be but we have a start at –

From RC:

Spectrum Solutions is a painting and fine finish contractor in Southeast Wisconsin specializing in interior and exterior painting, cedar staining and many other types of finish work on homes in the greater Southeast Wisconsin region including the counties of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha and Ozaukee.

Website for Metallurgical Associates Failure Analysis and Testing

material testing engineerI’ve been working on a new website for the engineers are Metallurgical Associates, Inc. MAI is a testing lab that is set up to determine why mechanical parts fail and what can be done to prevent future failures.

After visiting the shop about a dozen times over the last few months I am gaining an appreciation for their failure testing and analysis methods. The work reminds me of being a detective but on a microscopic level. The fact that MAI investigates material failures in everything from beverage can “pop tops” to aircraft gas turbine blade failures means there is always a new challenge and new discoveries to be had.

While failure analysis is the core work the methods used vary but always seem to include some really cool equipment like their Scanning Electron Microscopes that can magnify to over 200,000X! Whoa!

Well, I hope the new site does well for MAI because I believe they are very good at what they do. If you are a manufacturer and need to know why a part or product failed you’ll find you answers at Metallurgical Associates.

New Website for B2 Construction

I am working on a site for our friend Bob from B2 Construction. Bob has helped us with several projects around our home and has done super work at very competitive prices.

So far it is a really simple website. The main goal will be to showcase some of the projects Bob is working on or has completed while allowing me to check out the new default theme in WordPress.

A bit more about B2 Construction:

B2 Construction specializes in home remodeling in the greater Southeast Wisconsin region including the cities of Milwaukee, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Bayside, Fox Point, Mequon and Germantown.

Website on Failure Analysis

I’ve been working on a new website that is an informational site on failure and fatigue analysis. The business that is sponsoring it is Metallurgical Associates a Milwaukee area company specializing in materials testing, analysis and research services for manufacturing clients. Their professional engineers analyze and help prevent failures, solve manufacturing problems, and evaluate materials and products.

We will also be working on a redo of the main Metallurgical Associates site over the next couple of months.

Section 179 Tax Incentive Calculator for 2010

This is probably only interesting if you lease of finance machine tools but I thought it was cool how little Excel application for one of our clients.

Tech Financial is a machine tool finance company that needed the calculator to demonstrate the savings that the new tax incentives would bring and the amount of the deduction a company would be eligible for under the revised 2010 section 179 tax incentives. It is an Excel worksheet that will let you input numbers and see the result of the calculation using the data from the new version of the Section 179 code changes for 2010.

Section 179 Tax Incentive Calculator for 2010

Update On Jan Wilberg’s Website

I took a look at he site that we did for Jan Wilberg a few months ago and it still looks super! Jan has been great about updating her My Views section that is essentially her blog. She has gotten pretty comfortable with the WordPress admin area and will be getting more experience soon as we are doing another site Jan is involved with using WordPress as well. More when that site is ready.

jan wilberg website

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