iPhone 4 Order

After a bunch of tries I finally got my iPhone 4 pre-order accepted but not for the June 24th launch. By the time the order system functioned (at 10PM) all the way through my order was down the list and will be delivered about a week after the official launch date.

Still can’t wait!

Blue Angles Practice

Blue Angles practiced at the Lakefront just now. Awesome! Had the Smitty there and watched from the top of the Bradford Beach Bathhouse.

Website on Failure Analysis

I’ve been working on a new website that is an informational site on failure and fatigue analysis. The business that is sponsoring it is Metallurgical Associates a Milwaukee area company specializing in materials testing, analysis and research services for manufacturing clients. Their professional engineers analyze and help prevent failures, solve manufacturing problems, and evaluate materials and products.

We will also be working on a redo of the main Metallurgical Associates site over the next couple of months.

Pix from the 2010 Decorah Time Trials

Decorah Time Trials 2010

Here is are pictures from the 2010 Decorah Time Trials. It is a super event! This year there was about 3,200 feet of climbing in 10 miles and a lot of great singletrack to bomb.

The G-Man on Be a Green Commuter

They must have liked the photo of The G-Man on our Xtracycle since they used it in their Junk in the Trunk article. He sure does look cute on that bike!

I do wish they would have followed the Copyright rules from the Creative Commons license though.

The G-Man on the Xtracycle

Section 179 Tax Incentive Calculator for 2010

This is probably only interesting if you lease of finance machine tools but I thought it was cool how little Excel application for one of our clients.

Tech Financial is a machine tool finance company that needed the calculator to demonstrate the savings that the new tax incentives would bring and the amount of the deduction a company would be eligible for under the revised 2010 section 179 tax incentives. It is an Excel worksheet that will let you input numbers and see the result of the calculation using the data from the new version of the Section 179 code changes for 2010.

Section 179 Tax Incentive Calculator for 2010

Working on The Tech Fiancial Web Site

I’m doing some writing about the new version of the Section 179 regulations affecting the manufacturing industry and the leasing or financing of machine tools for Mark over at Tech Financial Services. Pretty interesting stuff and it looks like it will change again for 2011 so it could be a good time to invest in your company!

Update On Jan Wilberg’s Website

I took a look at he site that we did for Jan Wilberg a few months ago and it still looks super! Jan has been great about updating her My Views section that is essentially her blog. She has gotten pretty comfortable with the WordPress admin area and will be getting more experience soon as we are doing another site Jan is involved with using WordPress as well. More when that site is ready.

jan wilberg website

New Work on Tech Financial Machine Tool Leasing Website

I picked up some work through Joe for Tech Financial Services. They offer machine tool leasing services to companies running machines like CNC lathes, CNC mills, robots, lasers and other capital equipment used in the machine tool industry. TechFin works with both dealers selling machine tools and end-users who need to finance their machines.

WORS Sheboygan Wigwam MTB Race Comp/Elite 2009

Man, sometimes if my head were not attached to my shoulders I am sure I’d misplace it. Here is a link to the photos I took at the 2009 WORS Sheboygan Wigwam MTB Race for the Comp/Elite class. It was a cool race. I like the hand off or $5 bills at the top of the steep little climb!

WORS Sheboygan Mountain Bike Race Comp/Elite 2009

Everyday Cycles Website

I have been working on the website for Everyday Cycles. Everyday Cycles is a custom bike shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin specializing in bicycles for riders who use their bikes for transportation, commuting and, in general, enjoying the pleasure of riding. Everyday Cycles is also a dealer for the Schlick Cycles line of bikes as well as Simplified and Xtracycle. We are still gathering content for the site so keep an eye on it as we build!

Of course we are building the site using WordPress and will be using a couple of plug-ins to add functionality where we need it.

New Work on a Chiropractic Practice Management Website

I picked up a new job, finally! I will be helping a friend revamp his chiropractic practice management website. He is running a content management system that I helped him get going about 6 or 7 years ago. He has been doing great with keeping it updated with a lot of good information about chiropractic practice management but the old system is kludgy and there are much better tools these days plus we will be making the existing content more accessible and easier to access. In addition, we will be able to finally make the site look A LOT better!