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Heading Home From Interbike

Another year, another Interbike in the books. It was a long one this year. Sorry, family, it was how the flight worked out. Last one in Vegas for a while. Interbike will be moving to Anaheim next year as well as being in mid August instead of late September. Fine by me! Vegas is getting old and, as manufacturers, the timing is better plus I can take my family! For retailers, especially Midwest retailers in our own backyard, I think it will be tough to go in the middle of the selling season. Hope it works out for them!

I met The Captain, Spinner, Drew and Sean on Sunday so we could hit the Outdoor Demo days early Monday and ride a bunch of cool bikes. Lots of nice stuff out there. A few things struck me about the MTBs:

  • Carbon has come a long way since I last rode a plastic bike. The ride on the Marin and Breezer I rode was well damped and the bikes are stiff where you need them to be. Cost is still a barrier though. The high-end spec Breezer is $5,600 or so! Yikes. I think I’ll stick with steel and more realistic components. Crash worthiness is a consideration too. There is not much material in a 2.5 lb frame and a good whack can destroy the integrity of carbon.
  • If I lived near Bootleg Canyon outside Las Vegas I’d have to have a Full Sus rig! No doubt about it, having tons of plush travel on both ends is great at 30-40 mph down the side of the mountain. Back home in Wisconsin I don’t need it, which is good because I don’t need ANOTHER bike. Oh, wait, see below.
  • Rode a Pugsley again this year. Spent more time on it this year and there is a complete bike version available! I got one coming! Let me know if you are interested in one. Winter is coming and I can hook you up! Note that you can also go down the side of a mountain just fine on the Pug. I know, I did it!

The coolest product I rode that is more targeted to our Schlick Cycles commuter/transportation focused bikes was the redesigned Nuvinci Continuously Variable hub. No gear steps! When we last rode this thing it was 9-pounds! Nine! Say it with me, NINE! The new version is much more in line with the currently available Nexus and Alfine hubs and seems lighter than the SRAM i-Motion 9. I guess that is what shaving 3 pound off will do. The are also bomb proof, very smooth and have a wider ratio than previously.

Surly has a nice trailer too. Gonna have to look hard at one because I can think of a lot of uses for one and the ability to unhook when you don’t need it is a real plus over a cargo-specific bike. Tracks behind the bike incredibly well, even with The Captain on board.

Saw a lot of cool, commuter/urban oriented clothing. Good to see that you don’t have to look like a rolling billboard to enjoy the benefits of technical fabrics and comfort. you can do it and still look stylish.

I’ll have more thoughts after I digest more of what I saw. See ya!

Coupon for Road ID

I ordered a Road ID for Syd and got another “friend code”. Use it if you need to. I think the Road ID is a great idea and should be part of any bicycle riders “kit”.

Coupon Number: ThanksGreg828217

This coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order. It can be used up to 20 times in the next 30 days.

iPhone 4 Order

After a bunch of tries I finally got my iPhone 4 pre-order accepted but not for the June 24th launch. By the time the order system functioned (at 10PM) all the way through my order was down the list and will be delivered about a week after the official launch date.

Still can’t wait!

Website on Failure Analysis

I’ve been working on a new website that is an informational site on failure and fatigue analysis. The business that is sponsoring it is Metallurgical Associates a Milwaukee area company specializing in materials testing, analysis and research services for manufacturing clients. Their professional engineers analyze and help prevent failures, solve manufacturing problems, and evaluate materials and products.

We will also be working on a redo of the main Metallurgical Associates site over the next couple of months.

Section 179 Tax Incentive Calculator for 2010

This is probably only interesting if you lease of finance machine tools but I thought it was cool how little Excel application for one of our clients.

Tech Financial is a machine tool finance company that needed the calculator to demonstrate the savings that the new tax incentives would bring and the amount of the deduction a company would be eligible for under the revised 2010 section 179 tax incentives. It is an Excel worksheet that will let you input numbers and see the result of the calculation using the data from the new version of the Section 179 code changes for 2010.

Section 179 Tax Incentive Calculator for 2010

Update On Jan Wilberg’s Website

I took a look at he site that we did for Jan Wilberg a few months ago and it still looks super! Jan has been great about updating her My Views section that is essentially her blog. She has gotten pretty comfortable with the WordPress admin area and will be getting more experience soon as we are doing another site Jan is involved with using WordPress as well. More when that site is ready.

jan wilberg website

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