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So, Where Did We Buy Syd’s Bike? Bikesmiths, That’s Where

Truth be told, I’d likely have bought Syd’s bike at Bikesmiths anyway but it has been a few years since I was into biking hard core; most of the guys I once knew at Bikesmiths are gone though the guys who have replaced the guys I knew seemed as nice and as willing to help as the previous generation. They were in the running but not a sure thing. In reality, any other shop I stopped at, and there were 5, could have stolen the sale. None were as grievously poor at service as Wheel and Sprocket (Hear that Chris!) but all fell short of the goal. No inventory here, selection of one there, odd hours at this one, crappy department store bike at that one.

In the end Scott, one of the owners of Bikesmiths, ended up working with us. I hadn’t been in the shop in a few years but he recognized me, helped us and got us on our way. Thanks, Scott! Service isn’t dead. It just works over on Murray!

Not a big sale, I know, but here is the grabber. A buddy of mine called and asked for help fixing his bike. I said he should lay it too rest and look at a new bike. Where do you think I suggested? Wheel and Ignore-ya? Nope, Bikesmiths. And his wife will likely get a new bike as well.

You want a bike and live in the Milwaukee area? Save a bunch of time and go to Bikesmiths.

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