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Installing WordPress 2.1 and Working With Ecto

I did a fresh install of WordPress 2.1 for today. All went well and I like the new ability to select a “Page” to be the “Home” page. You then assign a different page to be the “Posts” page. Nice for this type of site.

I use Ecto to update my blogs and wanted it to manage posts on the new MMS Works site but initially it didn’t grab the categories and posts from WordPress. It just hung up. Well, thanks to this post I now have Ecto working with the 2.1 install.

Seems a change to the xmlrpc.php file will fix it.

You must edit your xmlrpc.php. Find:

‘categoryId’ => $catid,

and change to:

‘categoryId’ => (string) $catid,

Also seems that this will be included in the next WordPress update.

Now on to the fixing of the IE7 display issue!

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