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Lots of Snow in Milwaukee

Leading up to Christmas Ma Nature has heaped the snow on here. After a few nominal snows in the 3 to 4 inch range we got 14 inches last Friday with more on Saturday and another 5 inches today with more coming. At this rate, with 8 days left in December we are on track to have our snowiest December ever! I like it. A lot of folks have been complaining but snow days, and the ensuing few days after, give us all a very good excuse to slow it down a bit.

Whitefish Bay Snow Day
Whitefish Bay Snow Day

As far as playing in the snow Garrett only lasted about 10 minutes. I assume he will grow to love it as most kids do. Sydney was another story. While I spent about 6 hours out in the snow on Friday mostly moving it from one place where it was a hinderance to another where it wasn’t, clearing off cars, getting doors unstuck and such, Syd was building a couple of nice snow forts. Between clearing off the sidewalks and the plows clearing the street there is about 4 feet of snow on the parkway between the sidewalk and the road. Perfect for digging out forts.


General Sydney
General Sydney

Sydney also gave her snowshoes a try but it looks like she is ready for the next size. While the snow was very soft and powdery it looked like she was sinking more than we thought she should be.

Saturday greeted us with -8 degree temps and -35d wind chills so outside activity was curtailed and a plan to go sledding was put on hold. It looks like the snow will be here for a while so hopefully we can get out and sled.

My 15 month son showed me a new feature on my iPhone

My son likes phones. He pretty much gravitates to any phone so the iPhone is nothing special to him but pushing buttons is. On the iPhone there is really only one button to push so he has at it. Well, the other day he picked up the iPhone and it was locked and he rapidly pushed the home button a few times and it brought up the iPod controller! I didn’t know it did that, thanks little buddy!

Reminds me of another feature I found by accident. In fact, I even went to the Apple store to find out what it was and those guys couldn’t tell me. Seems when you have a song paused on the iPod function the name of the song shows up under the time instead of the date. I think this must have been changed with the 1.1.1 update because now the song name, and album cover as well, shows up only when the iPod is playing.

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On the first day of my summer vacation I…

Well, on the first day I drove, to Virginia, then to the Carlisle, PA for the Polecat Aero Challenge.

So, on the second day of my summer vacation, I woke up. I went down to the flying field to fly my DLG. Then I landed out. Well, not too often and the Polecat Aero Challenge was a really fun event.

In the past I tried Hand Launch a few times and have owned a few HLGs and DLGs that mostly got flown at the slope, either in light winds, or on days when there was no wind at all but this was my first contest and it was a lot more fun than I was expecting. The tasks were varied, challenging and fun and the guys, several of whom are among the best in the world, are excellent resources for an on the flats sloper.

In the end I’ll always be a sloper first but I see a few more hand launch contests in my future.

So, Where Did We Buy Syd’s Bike? Bikesmiths, That’s Where

Truth be told, I’d likely have bought Syd’s bike at Bikesmiths anyway but it has been a few years since I was into biking hard core; most of the guys I once knew at Bikesmiths are gone though the guys who have replaced the guys I knew seemed as nice and as willing to help as the previous generation. They were in the running but not a sure thing. In reality, any other shop I stopped at, and there were 5, could have stolen the sale. None were as grievously poor at service as Wheel and Sprocket (Hear that Chris!) but all fell short of the goal. No inventory here, selection of one there, odd hours at this one, crappy department store bike at that one.

In the end Scott, one of the owners of Bikesmiths, ended up working with us. I hadn’t been in the shop in a few years but he recognized me, helped us and got us on our way. Thanks, Scott! Service isn’t dead. It just works over on Murray!

Not a big sale, I know, but here is the grabber. A buddy of mine called and asked for help fixing his bike. I said he should lay it too rest and look at a new bike. Where do you think I suggested? Wheel and Ignore-ya? Nope, Bikesmiths. And his wife will likely get a new bike as well.

You want a bike and live in the Milwaukee area? Save a bunch of time and go to Bikesmiths.

Happy New Year, All!

Wendy, Sydney and I spent a pretty quiet night at home for our New Year’s Eve. It was the first that Syd stayed up to watch the ball drop on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Show. She even made it to midnight local time and so got to celebrate twice!

I’m looking forward to 2006. I’ve got a few resolutions in mind that I’d already started working on in late ’05. Some will last. If the past is any indication, some will not. I do what I can!

2006 will see the birth of our son in May and that looks to be the biggest event we are likely to see for the year but I imagine there will be other memorable times as well.

I hope you and yours have a happy and prosperous 2006!

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