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I’ve Got a GrassHog

A Black & Decker GrassHog, model NST2018G, to be exact. So far this is a pretty nice unit. I got the GrassHog to replace my aging Craftsman Gas String Trimmer. I don’t remember the exact model but it was 6-8 years old and really LOUD!

A few things led me to replace the Craftsman unit. Sure, it was working OK but it leaked fuel, was REALLY NOISY, didn’t feed line well and was just wearing out after at least 6 seasons. Plus, I used it not just for trimming but edging and grooming my backyard RC race track. The track was grass, and still is, mostly, but it needs to be short for the 1/18th scale trucks my family likes to run. So, I used the trimmer in groom mode ie. beating the grass down around a 4 foot wide by 150 foot long track.

One of the main considerations when I got the new trimmer was noise. I was sometimes embarrassed using the gas string trimmer so I wanted a quiet electric job. Plus, I did not want to be encumbered by a cord so a rechargeable model was mandatory. After reading a few reviews I decided on the Black & Decker NST 2018G GrassHog.

The only negative I see on an otherwise positive experience so far is that I can out last the two included batteries. To be fair I have only recharged each about 3 times. They should continue to gain capacity for another few charges. And remember, I have not been using the GrassHog in a “typical” fashion. I had 6 weeks of un-groomed RC track to clean up and even longer on the yard edging and weed trimming. Weekly maintenance should take about 20 minutes, or only one battery’s worth.

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