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Apple’s New OS, Leopard, Debuts on October 26th

Over 300 new features and several that are major and will change the way you use your Mac.

If Time Machine lives up to its billing as a way to go back in time and restore and file on your system the usefulness of a backup solution just got easier.

The new finder looks interesting but I’ll have to wait to see how it works and feels to give an objective opinion.

Spaces may prove to be cool. For me, the ability to define different workspaces for different tasks should make me a bit more productive. At any given time I am likely to have 18-22 apps open apps and bunches of windows. If Spaces can help me stay a bit more organized that would be a good thing.

If I heard about Quick Look in the past it must have blown right past my memory circuit. With tens of thousands of files I produced on my Mac having a way to breeze through them sounds cool.

I am looking forward to a faster and better Spotlight as well. I recently began relying a lot more on the systems “Find” features rather than trying to take the time to file every doc in a hierarchal folder system. I now toss every document in the same “Document” folder, all still Photos and graphics in the Pictures folder, Music in Music and Movies in Movies folder. That covers about 95% of my filing. So far so good. By keeping the folder sort on “Most Recent” and using Spotlight to find groups of documents on the same subject, I think I am saving some time.

I’ll probably have to upgrade even if it were not for any other feature that Boot Camp. I have one, and only one, program I HAVE to run in Boot Camp. It is an RC Simulator called RealFlight G3.5. Doesn’t work in Parallels.

So, I pre-ordered my copy at Amazon for $109. You can too!

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