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eMusic Online Music Download Service

I’ve been using eMusic for a while now as a companion to iTunes and am finding it very useful. The company is based in the UK and it seems to me to have a more “European” bent that iTunes. I have been exploring the Electronic genre quite a bit and have found a bunch of songs I like and probably would not have discovered any other way. There is a Related Artists section as well as the ability to explore other member’s playlists fro suggestions on new music.

You can sign up for a free trial at and get 25 songs free. Seems like a good way to experience it! They also have a referral program so if you’d like an additional 25 free songs on your trial, shoot me an email to that effect to and I’ll send you an invitation to take advantage of the extra free downloads.

When your trial is finished you can choose from several different plans with varying numbers of downloads per month. Songs can be had for as little as $.40 (40 cents). Seems like a deal to me.

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