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Arrrr! It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arrrgh! I found out a bit late but I be prepared for next year. ‘Tis marked on me calendar. September 19, Every year. Ye should do the same. If ye be needin’ more info set sails for http://talklikeapirate.com

If You Made It To the Pirate Party 2007 in Milwaukee Here Are Some Pix

The Pirate Party 2007 happened on Friday, July 13th, 2007. It was quite a spectacle as it was held on a barge anchored out in the Milwaukee Harbor as well as two tour boats that were moored to the barge.

The barge held the stage where both live bands and DJs played as well as the Riptide catered food area.

The tour boats added the bar areas and some great vantage points to watch the action.

Pirates, fire dancers, bands, DJs, drinks and friends. What a great event!

Check out pix here:


I love the time lapse photos of the fire dancers and of Danin, one of the DJs.