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On my way to InterBike

Flying Frontier right now somewhere over Nebraska.

I missed last year’s show and am looking forward to seeing some folks I haven’t seen for a while. The people in the bike industry are some of the most interesting I’ve met and I always come back from a show energized and enthusiastic.just have to make sure to strike while the iron is hot!

We are looking for a few specific things at InterBike this year mostly around manufacturing for the Schlick Shark and another project we are working on.

More from the show!

Mini Speedway Open House Was a Success

Last Friday, February 15th was the Open House in the 4-story building where I have the Mini Speedway track. The building is filled with artists, musicians and crafts people as well as my RC plane manufacturing biz, plus the Mini Speedway!

The official hours were 6PM to 9PM but we had people until at least 11PM.

In addition to a slightly larger than Wide-L layout for people to try running 2-minute races. We had Groovesquad Live, a local improvisational electronica band, Lena, a local artist who painted live and John Shlick, my partner in Schlick Cycles showing our excellent Performance Cruiser bicycle.

In addition I had my Pole Camera setup at a 12 foot height, just a few inches short of the ceiling to take remote photos from on high.

Over all we had a couple of hundred peole come through. It was an interesting crowd as many of the people were in the building to see specific artists but I think a lot of them came away with a better understanding of Mini Speedway and RC car racing. Hope we get a few of them to become regulars. I gave out first race free cards so I hope to see some of those come back!

Check out the Mini Speedway website for more info and Pix.

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Schlick Cycles Shark Website

schlick sharkI did a bunch of work to get the Schlick Cycles website for the Shark upgraded to a WordPress powered deal, redid a bunch of content and finally got some photos up. More work on the theme and some graphics stuff to go but the main content is there.

We are expecting our debut in Playboy Magazine with the Shark in the September issue. Hope it makes the presses this time. Originally scheduled for May!

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