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Leading Edge Gliders Slopefest 2007

I got back late Monday from the LEG Slopefest in Kansas. What a great time. if you are a slope soaring enthusiast I’d get ready for the 2009 version (2008 will be the bi-annual Soar Utah event and Jack is running opposite it.)

We had great weather but a bit light on the wind. That was no big deal if you were prepared and brought several different types of RC planes to fly. RC slope soaring is kind o like fishing. You need the right equipment for the conditions and type of game you are going for. It gives us an excuse to have multiple planes so that we can fly in winds from 3mph all the way up to 70mph. No wind? Make your own with a prop!

I already posted a gallery of photos at:

Words to follow at in the next day or two.

LEG EPP Building Clinic DVD Set is Finally Done!

I’ve been working on the editing and getting this project ready for distribution for about a year and a half! Jack Cooper of Leading Edge Gliders and I shot the original footage during the Summer of 2005 I believe. I had to cull over 30 hours of footage from 2 cameras into the finished product that ended up being 7-plus hours and 4 DVDs! The 4-DVD set covers EVERYTHING about building a Leading Edge Gliders PSS slope plane. We take it from right out of the box through building, taping, covering, painting, weathering and even test fly it at the slope with plenty of great general rc slope soaring type info thrown in as well, so don’t think this is just for PSS guys. While this video concentrates on the building of one of Jack’s 60-inch PSS Warbirds, many of the tips and techniques are applicable to other EPP planes as well as model building in general.

On March 1st the price will be $54.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

If you get crackin’, and you order before March 1st, you can pick up an introductory set of the LEG EPP Building Clinic 4-Disc DVD Set for only $49.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

See more about the LEG EPP Building Clinic DVD Set at

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