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American Micrographics

I am working with American Micrographics, a digital imaging and record retention service here in Milwaukee. We are doing a website to showcase the capabilities of the company. It is a cool place because not only can they do all the current digital imaging techniques but they have bunch of legacy machines like aperture card readers and several types of microfilm machines that represent several decades of record retention and archiving services. Converting these legacy storage systems to the digital age is an interesting process.

The website is, of course, WordPress driven and will ultimately include a custom skin and several plug-ins to add required functionality. At this point I am adding content and working on how the info flows. Skinning will be the final phase.

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Poblicki Paving

I recently began working with Poblocki Paving, a Milwaukee asphalt paving contractor, to improve site usability and search rankings.

When I began to work with Poblocki Paving the website had just undergone an extensive redesign and the business owner is happy with how the site looks but recognized that it could be easier for users to find the info they were looking for and that the tone of the site could be more friendly. In addition the web site has never ranked well in the major search engines. We aim to change that.

I began by getting some baseline analytics from Google Analytics to see what the site was currently getting for traffic as well as running some Web CEO reports on how the site ranked for important keyword phrases. As I suspected there is nowhere to go but up and so the work begins…

Garden Thyme WordPress Site

I recently built a WordPress powered site for friends in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their business, Garden Thyme, is one of the premier landscape gardening companies in Northern Colorado. The need for a site that the two principle people in the company could update regularly led us to a WordPress powered site. The new version 2.1 has some nice features that take the traditional blog style site and empower it to deliver a more business oriented need while still maintaining ease of use.

I also installed Gallery 2 and integrated it into the WordPress template. Showing the quality of work is important to the folks at Garden Thyme and Gallery2 is another great program that is easy to use and, in this case, great because of the ease with which it can be integrated into the WordPress site.

If you need landscaping in Fort Collins or Northern Colorado give Garden Thyme a look!

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